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How to make a podcast intro

The first 30 seconds of your latest episode are your one chance to make a good impression. Lots of podcasters squander that opportunity with boring, over-long intros. But making a compelling intro is easier than you think.

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How to tell if your podcast is successful

Podcasters cling to download numbers as a measure of success. But numbers can be faked and they can be wrong, and they don't tell the whole story of how our work is impacting others. There is a better metric for success; and it isn't counting downloads.

Why podcasting is a safer space than video

Showing up on video is vastly more exposing than doing so in audio alone, opening us up to feeling vulnerable. Here's why creating a podcast is a safer and more impactful way to spread your message.

How to get your first 100 listeners

You've launched a podcast and you've done all the things that you supposed to do, but your downloads are in single figures. How can you build momentum and attract some initial interest?

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