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How long should a podcast episode be?

Make time for your content, don't make your content fit a timeframe.

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How to record your voice

Mics, headphones, boom arms, sound baffling? Let's simplify it, and cover the tech and technique you need to record your first piece of audio.

How to make a podcast trailer

If you're starting a new podcast, a trailer is your opportunity to make the case for why people should listen and how they can subscribe, when you're ready to launch.

Before you plan your podcast, create your Listener Story

When starting a podcast, you have to be clear on what you’re making, who it’s for, and how it benefits listeners. It all starts with your Listener Story.

Is it too late to start a podcast?

A few years ago, everyone had a blog. Now it feels like everyone has a podcast. Is it too late to start yours? The good news is: no. Here's some reasons why.

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