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9 ways to use ad breaks if you don’t yet carry ads

As podcasting continues to expand outwards to more and more first-time listeners whose first listen will probably be to an established, funded show, the expectation that podcasts are supported by some form of commercial message will pervade. As new, emerging, pre-revenue or staunch indie podcasters – delete as appropriate – we can leverage that expectation to our advantage, without seeking money from outside sources or waiting to be granted an …

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Mark Steadman

Podcast producer, consultant and coach. If found, please return to the nearest country pub.

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Mindful Conversations

Join Shamash and Calvin over the next 12 weeks, as they discuss the combination of mindful storytelling with acceptance and commitment therapy, in a podcast produced by Origin (my podcast company), and designed for mental health practitioners so they can help their clients lead richer and more meaningful lives.

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So that’s this week in podcasting. As the majority of Podcode Briefing subscribers will be blisteringly aware, the technical handover from Podiant to Castos was initiated this week. There are still things to iron out which the Castos team are acutely aware of, and working hard on.

At some point we’ll get together and have a proper discussion about the whole affair, but for now know that I’ve seen the messages and the tweets and I’m not ignoring them; it’s just no longer in my hands, so it’s not prudent for me to comment.

So, onwards, to the weekend, and many brighter things. I’ll speak to you again next week.

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