Hey, how’s this week been for you? Over here in the UK it has been warmer than a dragon’s fart. We’re starting to see the slowdown in the news cycle as we head into the summer weeks – I’m even planning a holiday, but that’s not until nearly October – but there’s still plenty to bring you, including a new video I recorded this week to help new podcasters answer the question “how long should my episodes be?”

But we’ll get to that. For now, let’s see what’s happening in the rest of the podosphere.

Missing in Apple

Inspired by a discussion in Evo Terra’s Discord server, I took it upon myself to knock together a little tool that’ll help you figure out if your latest episode is still missing from Apple Podcasts, since it’s apparently still very much an issue.

It’s really rough around the edges and doesn’t do much at the moment as Apple have removed the ability for you to manually ask for your feed to be refreshed, but it at least gives you the knowledge you’re not being gaslighted.


How long should a podcast episode be?

Make time for your content, don't make your content fit a timeframe.

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Mark Steadman

Podcast producer, consultant and coach. If found, please return to the nearest country pub.

The Naked Art of Living

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What’s on the other side of success? After you have the job, business, wealth, family, trophies, body, fame, impact, legacy, time – then what?

Find out in this new series from Anna Kolak, produced by Origin, launching soon.


Handpicked apps, sites, newsletters, tools and more, all designed to make your podcasting life better.

Backup My Podcast

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Automatic podcast backups

Don’t miss this

Evo Terra's Minute of Pod Zen

This week, Evo wants to help you answer the question “is it too good to be true?” as it pertains to new podcast apps and services. Join his Advancing Podcasting community, and check out the podcast to hear the full segment.

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A massive thank you to Chirag of Amaeya Media for his lovely 5 star review of the podcast.

Mark’s been highly involved in the podcast space in meaningful ways, and brings the same care for the medium to his briefings. The show is actively curated to give us the things we need to know.

You can be like Chirag and give me a warm sense of wellbeing by leaving a review of the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser.

Speak to you again next week.

PS: “Summer of fun” reference courtesy of Upgrade.

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