What a surprisingly packed week it’s been. It kicked off with a healthy debate about the merits and efficacy of Facebook ads, and ended with yet more unrest over Apple Podcasts. But nestled in-between these two newsy bread-slices is the meat of fun software announcements from Captivate, Riverside, and Cleanfeed.


How do you make a website for your podcast?

You've heard that your podcast should have a website, but how do you get one, and how do you set it up for success?

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Mark Steadman

Podcast producer, consultant and coach. If found, please return to the nearest country pub.

More on that $5 a day ad strategy

Evo Terra brings us another Minute of Pod Zen – only available in the Podcode Briefing podcast – in which he talks about Tanner Campbell’s $5/day Facebook ad strategy.

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We Not Me

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We need groups of humans to help navigate the world of opportunities and challenges, but we don’t always work together effectively. This new podcast, produced by Origin, tackles questions such as “What makes a rockstar team?” “How can we work from anywhere?” “What part does connection play in today’s world?”

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So that was the week, that was.

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