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Are Spotify the goodies now?

I want to try and write this without creating a polemic, but it's tricky... maybe it's just in my nature to want to pick sides. I know nothing is so simple as one company being the good guys and another the bad guys, but I feel like Apple and Spotify have been doe-si-doeing for a good while now, and Apple's reputation as benevolent custodians employing benign neglect over podcasting is …

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Mark Steadman

Podcast producer, consultant and coach. If found, please return to the nearest country pub.

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Before I leave you, I have a quick question about useful ways to show support for The Iceberg, if you want to.

I’d planned to offer ads as a way to help indie creators like you tell more people about your show, but given that we’re all podcasters, how open would you be to Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee as a way of showing your support? (Not just whether you think it’d be a good idea, but whether you’d back me!)

Drop me a note ([email protected]) if you have thoughts. Until next week, happy podding!

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