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It may be the "summer of fun" but podcasting takes no breaks!

Hey, how’s this week been for you? Over here in the UK it has been warmer than a dragon’s fart. We’re starting to see the slowdown in the news cycle as we head into the summer weeks – I’m even planning a holiday, but that’s not until nearly October – …

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Is podcasting a slowing market?

Tom Webster’s latest newsletter issue tackles an interesting question about the download as a unit of measurement. It’s becoming increasingly problematic as a way of measuring a podcast’s success, and while some are seeing the deceleration of download growth as a sign of decline within the market, Tom instead sees it as a shift from traditional hosting providers that track individual MP3 file downloads, to services like Spotify and YouTube. One day I’ll consider YouTube as having anything to do with podcasting, but that day is not this day. Still, I loved Tom’s take, and he’s good at gently taking the hand of dinosaurs like me, and showing us the way.


How "marathon projects" level up your creative skills (and grow your audience)

Creative coach Jeremy Enns has some thoughts on big creative projects he calls “marathon projects”, like producing a one-off limited-run podcast series that’s more likely to be evergreen. For him, marathon projects “force us to stretch ourselves, to explore new depths of ourselves, our topic, and our craft”.

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Jeremy Enns


The best investments entrepreneurs can make for their podcast

If you’re an entrepreneur – or you’re a podcast producer working with one – Jared Easley wants you to consider your audience, stating that “building relationships with your audience based on trust, integrity and honesty is one of the essential investments a podcaster can make.” He goes on to talk about generous and unselfish communication that puts your listener first. If you work with podcasters who need to hear this, make sure to send them this article.

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Podcast Business Journal

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