The whys and whats of podcasting

Podcasting is a great way to

  • prove your expertise on a given subject
  • connect with experts in your field and pick their brains on air
  • establish yourself as a keynote speaker
  • keep your community up-to-date on important issues
  • spend regular time with friends

But before diving into your first episode, it’s worth asking the question “why is a podcast the best format for me?” It might turn out that the answer is “it isn’t”, which is absolutely fine. Better to find that out now than to pour time and money into marketing a new show, getting a few episodes in and not getting the results you were hoping for.

If you’ve heard a great — or not so great — podcast and you’ve thought “I can do better”, or simply “if they can do that, why can’t I?”, remember that podcasts take time, commitment and energy to put out regularly, not just to produce them, but to market them, because they don’t market themselves, nor are they a marketing channel in their own right. If that sounds like a hassle, you might consider putting together a short video course, an ebook or an email newsletter.

If your ultimate objective is to have fun, you can’t go far wrong, but if your expectations are higher, take some time — if you haven’t already — to think about why this medium attracts you and why your voice will attract others to listen. New listeners won’t know you or your work, so it’s important to ask the question “why should I listen?”, because that’s what prospective listeners think every time they evaluate a new podcast.

If you have an audience already, for your blog or your newsletter, a podcast can help turn that audience into a fanbase. If you’re building an audience from scratch, we’ve got further resources to help you once you’ve got your show out into the world.

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