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From planning, recording, editing and post-production, to marketing, SEO and social media, there’s a vast array of apps and services podcasters can take advantage of to help them do their best work, and increase their listenership.

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Headliner is an easy-to-use webapp that integrates with a number of podcast hosting platforms, for making audiograms out of episode clips for free, or full-length videos out of entire episodes, as part of a paid package.

Headliner can sync with a podcast’s RSS feed and automatically generate full-length videos for distribution to YouTube. It also supports visual soundbites through its Autovideo interface, so it can generate clips based on the timecodes you set in your podcast host’s interface.


Competing with the likes of SpeakPipe, PodInbox is a simple solution for getting audio feedback from your listeners that you can integrate into your next episode.

If you have a podcast that benefits from listener-submitted questions, PodInbox could save you and your listeners time, by simplifying the process of recording and collecting audio messages.

Podcast Guests

Podcasts Guests is a directory of people looking to speak on other people’s podcasts, and podcasts looking for new guests. Since its inception in 2016, it has grown to over 30,000 members.

Each week, the service will email its speakers a few handfuls of podcasts that might fit their expertise. If a speaker applies to be on a show, that podcaster is emailed with info about the speaker, so they can hook up a recording.

Speakers can sign up for a paid plan, for $15 or $39 per month.


Podr is a tool that for tracking keywords within Apple Podcasts, to help you better understand your search ranking, and the competition you might be facing.

SEO within Apple Podcasts is limited, with the app only considering your podcast/episode titles and the author tag. This means there’s very little of the system to game, so if you want your show to appear for a given term, you have to include that term in your podcast or episode title.

Podr helps you keep track of where you sit in Apple Podcasts for a given number of terms, across different parts of the world (since Apple maintains separate internationalised copies of the iTunes directory that powers app search), ranks keywords in terms of their competitiveness, and shows you who else is appearing or who you might need to beat.

The site will also email you a regular digest of your position, so you can keep track of changes. It also indexes your reviews within Apple Podcasts, across numbers countries.


“You listen to a podcast. You hear something interesting. It’s lost forever”. That’s the problem ThatPart seeks to solve.

The free iPhone app scans the screenshot of the episode you’re playing in your podcast app of choice, and compares it against a set of known podcast players. It then looks for certain user-interface elements it knows to be in that app, like the podcast name and episode title, and the current playback position. With this info, it can then look the podcast up, seek to the position you were at in your player, and then show you an interface where you can make a clip out of the episode.

Overcast and Castro built a feature like this and added it to their apps in 2019, but almost no other podcast player has this capability – including Spotify and Apple Podcasts – so it allows listeners using those more-popular apps to share portions of episodes they’ve enjoyed. For podcasters, it can also be a quick-and-simple way to create an audiogram.

Backup My Podcast

Protect your podcast from the ravages of time, host outages or content disputes. We’ll keep your podcast backed up automatically, so if the worst happens, you can easily retrieve your work.

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Episode Check

Episode Check provides a simple interface for uploading an episode, if you want to send it to a client, guest, or co-host for approval before it’s released.

Comments can be left on the audio at a specific time, so you can make specific edits. The service also supports version control, so you can upload another version of the same episode, and let people comment on that version.

At less than $20 a year, it’s an affordable service that could save you time, especially if you work with people who aren’t entirely precise about the feedback they give.

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Podcorn is a platform where podcasters and advertisers meet, to exchange offers. Whether you’re looking to monetise your show or spread the word via other podcasts, Podcorn aims to make the process simple and safe.

Any money that changes hands between advertisers and creators is put into escrow (which, for non-Americans means money purgatory), until both parties are satisfied.

Although, like other ad marketplaces, Podcorn utilises a tracking prefix, this is only used to verify the download numbers your podcast receives, so advertisers have more confidence in their reach. Importantly, Podcorn is a marketplace for host-read ads only, so the prefix doesn’t do anything to your MP3s (unlike other services), and ads that you record are designed to remain in the episode indefinitely.

That said, Podcorn doesn’t preclude you from using DAI and there’s no exclusivity contract.

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Sonix uses machine learning to transcribe audio. It supports over 40 languages, and pricing starts with a pay-as-you-go tier at $10 per hour (about $0.17 per minute).

The webapp has a text editor so you can edit the transcribed text, click on a word to hear it played back, labelling of speakers, collaboration tools and more.

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