Headliner is an easy-to-use webapp that integrates with a number of podcast hosting platforms, for making audiograms out of episode clips for free, or full-length videos out of entire episodes, as part of a paid package.

Headliner can sync with a podcast’s RSS feed and automatically generate full-length videos for distribution to YouTube. It also supports visual soundbites through its Autovideo interface, so it can generate clips based on the timecodes you set in your podcast host’s interface.

Headliner is streets ahead of other audiogram generators in its flexibility and the quality of its videos. There are probably easier-to-use services, but I rarely find myself confused by the interface.

I especially like the integration with certain hosting platforms, that allows me to transition from uploading an episode to my host, and then creating an audiogram without having to re-upload the audio to Headliner. Even if your broadband is fast, that saves a lot of clicking around, plus it’ll import metadata and artwork.

The only real knock against it is that, although the AI-powered transcription accuracy is reasonable, the timings invariably need adjusting. I’m a bit of a stickler, and I like to make sure that the words on-screen exactly reflect the words being said (bar umms and ahhs), so I’m always having to re-adjust timings, or fix how sentences have been broken up. That adds 15-20 minutes to the process, for a fairly short video, especially if there are multiple speakers.

That said, you can produce some great-looking videos with it, and their free plan is generous.

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By Mark Steadman

  • Last reviewed
    20th June 2021