Podcasts Guests is a directory of people looking to speak on other people’s podcasts, and podcasts looking for new guests. Since its inception in 2016, it has grown to over 30,000 members.

Each week, the service will email its speakers a few handfuls of podcasts that might fit their expertise. If a speaker applies to be on a show, that podcaster is emailed with info about the speaker, so they can hook up a recording.

Speakers can sign up for a paid plan, for $15 or $39 per month.

It’s a 2009-ass website, and in my opinion, as with all of the services of this ilk, it’s typically populated by the type of people who want to use a scattergun approach to find opportunities to speak on others’ podcasts.

I’ve yet to see any good opportunity come from a service like this that’s as good as one human being introduced to another.

That said, it deserves an honest shake, so I’ve signed up for a premium account as an “expert”, and will update this review with more findings.

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By Mark Steadman

  • Last reviewed
    20th June 2021


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