Podr is a tool that for tracking keywords within Apple Podcasts, to help you better understand your search ranking, and the competition you might be facing.

SEO within Apple Podcasts is limited, with the app only considering your podcast/episode titles and the author tag. This means there’s very little of the system to game, so if you want your show to appear for a given term, you have to include that term in your podcast or episode title.

Podr helps you keep track of where you sit in Apple Podcasts for a given number of terms, across different parts of the world (since Apple maintains separate internationalised copies of the iTunes directory that powers app search), ranks keywords in terms of their competitiveness, and shows you who else is appearing or who you might need to beat.

The site will also email you a regular digest of your position, so you can keep track of changes. It also indexes your reviews within Apple Podcasts, across numbers countries.

I ran this tool against two feeds: a hobby one, and a show I produce for a client. Straightaway it demonstrated the fundamental work both of us need to do on our respective podcasts’ SEO, if we want casual listeners to find us based on their interests.

The interface is scrappy and buggy, and the English copy isn’t great. It doesn’t do anything you couldn’t do yourself, but if you value your podcast’s keyword ranking for apps like Apple Podcasts – and the many that still use the iTunes directory – it’s worth the $7 a month for the starter plan.

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By Mark Steadman

  • Last reviewed
    19th June 2021