“You listen to a podcast. You hear something interesting. It’s lost forever”. That’s the problem ThatPart seeks to solve.

The free iPhone app scans the screenshot of the episode you’re playing in your podcast app of choice, and compares it against a set of known podcast players. It then looks for certain user-interface elements it knows to be in that app, like the podcast name and episode title, and the current playback position. With this info, it can then look the podcast up, seek to the position you were at in your player, and then show you an interface where you can make a clip out of the episode.

Overcast and Castro built a feature like this and added it to their apps in 2019, but almost no other podcast player has this capability – including Spotify and Apple Podcasts – so it allows listeners using those more-popular apps to share portions of episodes they’ve enjoyed. For podcasters, it can also be a quick-and-simple way to create an audiogram.

This is a really neat idea. I tried it with Castro using an episode of Connected, and Overcast where I’d been listening to Wine Dine and Storytime. It didn’t work with the Castro app, but worked a treat with Overcast.

I reported the issue with Castro back to the developer. The app is said to be in beta, and is worth keeping an eye on.

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By Mark Steadman

  • Last reviewed
    10th June 2021