Goodpods is a podcast player that aims to be more like “Goodreads for podcasts”. It’s aimed more at the casual listener, who’s perhaps unaware that there’s an alternative to the Apple Podcasts app, Spotify, or heaven forbid, BBC Sounds, and is similarly unaware of the vast array of shows they could be listening to.

One of its marquee features is part of the Goodpods “Top shows” screen, which you can access from the Search tab. When claiming your show on Goodpods, you can specify that you’re an indie creator, so when prospective listeners toggle the “Indie only” switch, your show could have a much higher chance of appearing in the ranking.

Submitting to Goodpods

  1. Download and install the Goodpods app for your smartphone.
  2. Open the app and register as a podcaster, then follow the instructions to claim your podcast(s).