Up until a couple of years ago, Buzzsprout was something of an also-ran, but has seen major growth since 2018 and is now arguably the world’s biggest podcast host.

They share a lot of user-interface DNA with Libsyn, Podbean and similar companies that arose in the early 2000s, but since 2020 have been leading the charge in adoption of standards like the Podcast Index’s podcast namespace.

The company’s vast educational resources, predictable pricing (including a free tier) and their somewhat silly name position Buzzsprout as a solid service for the hobbyist looking to flex their muscles. Podcasters looking to host their own website will likely want something more flexible than the out-of-the-box solution, but for all their positioning as a casual service for beginners, it has features and support for those ready to take their podcast more seriously, including IAB-certified analytics, dynamic content insertion, transcription, and an attractive embeddable player.

Buzzsprout pricing is based on the duration of content uploaded to its service, so pricing here is estimated based on a 45 minute episode.

Basic Intermediate Advanced
Price $12.00 per month $18.00 per month $24.00 per month
Number of podcasts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Episodes 4 per month 8 per month 16 per month
Downloads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Podcast website included
Use your own domain
IAB certified metrics
Republish to YouTube
Podcast network support
Feed locking
Create soundbite clips from episodes
Receive Bitcoin from listeners
  • Price
    from $12.00 per month
  • Ease-of-use
  • Transcripts
  • Feed locking
  • Receive Bitcoin from listeners
  • Create soundbite clips from episodes