Castos was formed in 2017 around the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, a popular way of self-hosting podcasts. Castos added analytics, hosting, and an embeddable media player, and now provides automated transcription, a simple website, and allows content to be republished to YouTube.

On top of this, the company also provides podcast editing services.

Full disclosure: I used to run a podcast hosting business, which sold to Castos in the spring of 2021. I use Castos and like it, but I’m in no way affiliated with the company, and have no incentive to write them a glowing review. Of course you don’t have to believe that. 🙂

If I were a hardcore WordPress user like back in the day, I suspect Castos would have been my default choice. I loved and used to heartily recommend the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, before Craig and the Castos team acquired it. Had I not been building my own solution, I probably would have migrated my shows to Castos, but I was a little ahead of them at the time.

I’m going to hold off on reviewing individual features as it’s still too close to the Podiant acquisition for this kind of breakdown to be of value. Different people have differing needs, but the bottom line is that Castos is a great choice – like some of the others I’ve reviewed – if you’re already taking care of the website elsewhere, and especially if you run WordPress. If you don’t run WordPress, Castos gets a star knocked off because you can’t give each episode a custom permalink, meaning in-app listeners will always be taken to your Castos-hosted website (which isn’t great).

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By Mark Steadman

Basic Intermediate Advanced
Price $15.83 per month $40.83 per month $82.50 per month
Number of podcasts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Episodes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Downloads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Podcast website included
Use your own domain
IAB certified metrics
Republish to YouTube
Podcast network support
Feed locking
Create soundbite clips from episodes
Receive Bitcoin from listeners
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    from $15.83 per month
  • Ease-of-use
  • Transcripts
  • Feed locking
  • Receive Bitcoin from listeners
  • Create soundbite clips from episodes
  • Last reviewed
    28th August 2021