Founded in 2018, Transistor is a relative newcomer to the hosting space, and has since leant its services to some big names including VH-1, Basecamp, and Kickstarter.

Although not as full-featured as others, lacking an adequate podcast website or IAB-compliant metrics, for professionals looking for affordable hosting for a podcast whose website is handled elsewhere – or where the podcast forms part of a larger offering – Transistor is easy-to-use and lightning-fast to launch with.

The service was born out of one of the founders’ work projects, so it carries the DNA of a service meant for companies that are using a podcast as part of a wider media strategy. In that respect, it’s not a good fit for hobbyists and beginners, but its no-nonsense interface makes it a good pick for busy show runners.

The Podcode podcast, the audio version of the Podcode.tv channel, is hosted with Transistor.

Given my previous history as someone who ran a hosting company, I’m somewhat choosy about the services I use.

While Podcode.tv and The Iceberg (my email newsletter, now called the Podcode Briefing) were separate offerings, each had its own podcast, so I wanted to use a service that had an attractive embedded player, and that wouldn’t charge me to create multiple series. I knew I wouldn’t be expecting to hit a high download limit, so Transistor felt like an easy decision since I knew the chaps already, and liked them.

As I said in the description, setting up a new feed really is lightning fast, and you can submit your new show to directories quickly and effortlessly. Uploading audio and artwork is easy, and the interface puts all the fields in the right place.

I’d prefer a text editor based on Markdown rather than the slightly outmoded rich text box, as pasting into those kinds of fields can lead to sloppily-formatted show notes.

The bundled podcast website isn’t good enough for production, but you don’t have to enable it, which I think is smart. If you’re running your own website, it’s easy to paste in the permalink to an episode, so listeners tapping it in the show notes will be taken to your canonical home for each episode.

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By Mark Steadman

Basic Intermediate Advanced
Price $19.00 per month $49.00 per month $99.00 per month
Number of podcasts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Episodes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Downloads 10,000 per month 75,000 per month 200,000 per month
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Podcast website included
Use your own domain
IAB certified metrics
Republish to YouTube
Podcast network support
Feed locking
Create soundbite clips from episodes
Receive Bitcoin from listeners
  • Price
    from $19.00 per month
  • Ease-of-use
  • Transcripts
  • Feed locking
  • Receive Bitcoin from listeners
  • Create soundbite clips from episodes
  • Last reviewed
    6th July 2021


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