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Podcode+ is a collective of podcasters who, like you, want help and advice from people they can trust, who know that showing up with generosity is the key to a successful, fulfilling podcast.


Monthly video Q&A sessions

If you’ve got questions about gear, technique, growth, monetisation or anything else, bring them to your monthly Q&A session.


Mastermind group

Mark and your fellow Podcode+ members are with you via WhatsApp, so whenever you need a boost or you have cause to celebrate, you have a space to share.

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Included in your Podcode+ membership

An unparalleled set of curated tools and resources to help you thrive.


Step-by-step launch kit

Read in-depth guides from planning to distribution, with downloadable templates, check lists and more.


High-quality video tutorials

Specific walkthrough guides on using a variety of Digital Audio Workstations, mics, and mixers.


Interactive exercises

Work through fun, instructive activities to help you plan your next podcast and set it up for success.


Regular skill-shares

Learn from people who’ve spent time honing their craft, or share your own learnings with other members.


One-on-one coaching

Get a 20% discount on private coaching sessions, so you can get answers to specific questions.


Hold the door open

Your membership pays for someone from an underrepresented background to join via our scholarship programme.

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